Who we are

We have been working in the communication services sector since 1992 with passion, experience, and professionalism.


Enhancing the client’s message in a creative, innovative manner.


Iniziative is a platform of integrated, complementary services to assist our clients in every phase of their project – from the communication plan to final implementation – while staying on budget.
Specific, highly qualified skills make it possible to conceive and create customized, prestigious products.


Carefully selected over time according to criteria of excellence, professionalism, and reliable.


Iniziative drafts communication plans with the goal of maximizing their message over the long run. It is also able to provide instruments and tools that estimate and minimize the project’s carbon footprint and assess its environmental impact.


Thanks to its extensive network of local contacts, Iniziative is the ideal partner for foreign companies interested in staging events in Italy (Destination Management Company) and provides assistance in every phase: concept, planning, and implementation.


Since 2002, Iniziative has been certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 for the design, planning, and implementation of events. The certificate is issued by Certiquality.


Through its in-house resources and its partners, Iniziative drafts proposals and projects that aim to identify the communication solutions that best match the client’s needs. It provides timely updates on the overall qualitative and quantitative progress of the ongoing activities, and maintains a presence throughout Italy and abroad.

INIZIATIVE has over 10 years of quality certification ISO 9001 compliance issued by the Certiquality Organization, and has been recognized for the constant commitment and the high levels of quality with full customer satisfaction.

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